3 Summer Recipes!

This big slice of yummy is perfect for a Low Carb Day! I whipped this baby up on Monday, and literally could not wait to share. I shared it with my FASTer Way clients that are in membership. I told them to try it and let me know if I should throw it out on my blog for the world to see. Well….. I didn’t even wait for them to report back. I just know that everyone will love it. 

There is something about PIZZA. You all went crazy for the Squash and Zucchini version last week. Everyone wants something to indulge in, but doesn’t want to feel the guilt after they actually consume it. I look out for my clients. I keep my people in mind when I am creating recipes. I want you to feel the FOOD FREEDOM that I feel by living the FASTer Way lifestyle. One example of food freedom is having fun with food! I truly enjoy food. Well, I always have. However, now I enjoy food without all of the guilt that used to come along with it.Thank the lord that I found this program! 

 Do not be afraid to get in the kitchen. Do not be afraid to cook. Create food that you can enjoy! Create meals that make your family happy and that you can enjoy with them! Let your kiddos help you create this pizza! I want to know if you love it. Please share with me on social media once you give this a try! Happy Tuesday my sweet friends!


Lavash bread



Sliced olives

Mozzarella cheese (Add Dairy Free shreds if you are dairy free)

Salt + Pepper


Preheat oven to 400.

Toast the bread for 4 minutes.

Add pesto, tomato slices, olives, cheese, and a tiny bit of S+P.

Bake for 10 minutes.


Protein 20

Carbs 20

Fat 27

(That’s for the entire pizza)

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