How to track your alcoholic beverages into your macros

Everyone is thirsty for all the drinks…

This post is long overdue, but here it finally is! I’m not sure if other coaches get this question as much as I do or not?! Is it okay to have a drink? What is best to drink? Well I am here to guide you…

First, let’s be real. Alcohol negatively affects your results. Alcohol can contribute to excess belly fat, EVEN, if you track it in your macros! In the same ways that those diet and “sugar free” drinks do. It does not matter how hard you work out in the gym either. You will not get the results that you want if you are not cutting out the crap. Alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar. Drinking the alcohol reduces the amount of fat that your body burns for energy.

However, I completely get it! Many of us enjoy an alcoholic beverage to celebrate a special occasion. It’s almost summer, you want to have a drink on the beach, by the pool, in the backyard, I FEEL YOU! So, what now?

Now that you know the negative effects, let me share with you how we should track it. Alcohol itself contains calories, 7 per gram to be exact, just as carbs, proteins, and fats, all contain calories. Alcoholic beverages often also contain carbs, but alcohol itself metabolizes similar to fat. Since we are tracking macros, you should track alcohol. It can be tracked as a fat, carb, or both. We must track the alcohol differently than what it reads because there are untracked calories. Those untracked calories must fall into carbs/fats. 

Within MyFitnessPal, I would not recommend just scanning or entering the drink. It is possible that the calories will be subtracted from your total, but your macros will stay the same.

Here is where my guide will help you. Within the MyFitnessPal app you should “create a food” for your beverages of choice. Make sure you use my guide on how to “track alcohol”.   Enter the correct macros for that food, and always log your beverage that you have created so that it’s tracked correctly. 

Seriously though, you all know that I PREACH about never depriving yourself of anything! I want you to make the healthiest choices that you can, because I want you to get the results that you have worked so hard for!  You must be healthy mentally too though. I mean if you need a drink, then have one! Try to limit yourself, but also enjoy yourself. You know what that looks like for YOU. 

Save this guide to your phone. 

Create your “drink” in MyFitnessPal

Drink Responsibly 

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