How to stay on top of your goals while traveling

As it’s beginning to warm up, we are getting ready to travel! And although we’ve maybe enjoyed the consistency and routine that we have, I know for sure I am ready to pack a bag and go somewhere fun! Hopefully with some sand and waves. Yes, please!

So many of my clients reach out to me with concern about sticking to their healthy habits when they travel. They don’t want to lose ground on their goals, and I understand the worry. I used to feel the same way. When you have an all-or-nothing mindset, it can feel like you need to be on or off your wellness plan. But since we practice progress over perfection, we can use an all-or-something mindset. So, you can travel, enjoy a vacation and still reach your goals! 

Start with your future self in mind!

Imagine how you want to feel when you come home from traveling? How do you want to feel walking in the door – energized, relaxed, empowered? Or do you want to feel tired, sluggish, and filled with a huge case of regret? Set yourself up for success by identifying 2 or 3 minimum baseline habits you’ll be sure to stick with while traveling. 

  • Will you keep your fasting window? 
  • Will you make sure you hit your water goal? 
  • Will you complete your workouts? 
  • Decide how you will take care of you. 

Now that you have set your intentions, it’s time to make a plan!

  1. Plan to pack your favorite macro-friendly travel snacks. Having a few of your favorite healthy snacks in your travel bag will keep you from making another choice that doesn’t support your goals when HANGRY hits. 
  2. Plan for your workouts. There are so many ways to make sure you’ll fit in movement while you travel. Most hotels have a small gym where you can complete your workouts. Pack some travel bands, and your hotel room becomes a gym. Feeling adventurous? Find a local gym and grab a yoga or barre class. Not sure you want to stick with formal exercise, pack your favorite shoes for sure, and you can always head out for a walk to see the sights of your new town.
  3. Plan to stay hydrated! Traveling can be exhausting, and staying hydrated will help you to feel energized. Plus, if you enjoy a few more treats, especially ones that include alcohol, you’ll need to make sure you’re hitting your water goals, if not increasing it a bit. 
  4. Have a re-entry plan. Stock some healthy meals in your freezer or have a healthy take-out option in mind so that when you arrive at home, you know you have nutrition choices that support your goals at the ready. 
  5. Jump right back in – no guilt required! There’s no need to make up for the extra treats, lack of exercise, or anything else you did while traveling. What happens when you travel…stays where you travel… No, but really, if you kept to your minimum baseline habits, you have a lot to feel proud about. 

Traveling doesn’t have to mean you throw all your healthy habits out the window. You can still show up strong, enjoy yourself and work towards your goals while traveling or on vacation. I hope you go somewhere super fun!

PS. Here is some snack inspiration for while you are on the go!

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