What Did I Do Wrong?

She’s still trying to “run off” that same 10lbs that she’s been trying to get rid of all year.

What did she do wrong? She’s worked so dang hard, and nothing.

She made so many sacrifices.
– skipped out on date night with her husband
– told the family that pizza night wasn’t allowed until she got the weight off
– said no to queso on Taco Tuesday
– she only ate 1,200 calories during the week
– ran 4 miles on Saturday so that she could enjoy drinks on the boat that afternoon

Yet here she is. Not a pound lost. If she did lose it, that same pound came back on the weekend.

She’s tired. She feels defeated.

Don’t let this be you. Take the chance.

Say goodbye to food guilt and anxiety. No more killing yourself for nothing. Enjoy Taco Tuesday with the family, and date night with your husband, All while MAKING PROGRESS towards your health goals.

It’s not too good to be true. The Faster Way may be the piece of the puzzle that you are missing. It was for me.

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