Apple & Gouda Flatbread


  • flatbread (this is Joseph’s Lavash)
  • pickled purple onion
  • gouda cheese
  • bacon
  • thinly sliced apple
  • thyme
  • arugula 
  • walnuts
  • warm honey or maple syrup


  1. Preheat oven to 400° 
  2. Brush bread with olive oil and back for 5-7 minutes
  3. Remove from oven, and add thyme, then pickled onions and cheese 
  4. Add bacon and sliced apples
  5. Place back in oven and back for 10-12 minutes or until brown and bubbly
  6. Remove from oven, add arugula, walnuts, and heat honey in the microwave, and drizzle (maple syrup will also work)

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