Burger Bowl with Fries


1.) season up ground beef with garlic powder, s&p, and Worcestershire. Brown in the skillet.

2.) layer the goods in the bowl and top with the special sauce👇🏻.

Optional: Add seasoning salt and garlic!

Special Sauce


•dijon mustard


•dill pickle relish or chopped dill pickles

•garlic powder

•onion powder

•worshtershire sauce

Air Fryer Fries

Cut fries and soak in water for at least 30 minutes.

Pat them dry and toss with oil.

Season them up with s&p, and garlic.

Bake at 390° for 20 minutes. I use my air fryer.

Tips for easy prep

•slice onion and tomatoes ahead of time

•cut fries and soak in water up to 2 days before. Store in fridge.

•make special sauce ahead of time and store in the fridge

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